Sports Betting For Montana Residents

Even if you would not necessarily associate Montana with sports wagering, it does actually exist in the state - or rather, it could. Montana is one of the few states that had been grand fathered into having the ability to offer a sports betting business under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. One would think that Montana would take advantage of this, but they have not actually done anything with it.

For now, players have one option - the Internet - but even this is somewhat harrowing. Unfortunately, players cannot actually wager on the Internet without the potential risk of violating the law, leaving players at something of an unfair disadvantage. If you decide to start betting on sports over the Internet, you could end up getting yourself in entirely too much trouble.

Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Montana Residents

Even if it is a crime to gamble on sports on the Internet in Montana, there are still various sports betting sites that will allow you to participate in the games. We have tested out these sites to make sure our readers would be totally safe at the sites, even if they are not technically safe under the law. If you are going to break the law,, we recommend you do so safely. We do not condone breaking the law, nor do we advise it, but we also do not want you getting robbed, ripped off, or have your Identity stolen. In the end, just make prudent decisions and you should be ok.

Bovada - The Worlds Number One Sportsbook

Bovada SportsbookIf you are searching for a safe and legal sportsbook in the Treasure State, look no further than Bovada. It’s a fully licensed sportsbook that accepts Montana residents. With its bounteous bonuses and promotions, it’s a real discovery. Any state resident at least 18 years or older will be welcomed by Bovada with open arms

When you join Bovada, you will receive a 50% sportsbook welcome bonus as soon as you make your first deposit. So, let’s say you want to bet on the Bobcats. Half of your initial bets will be free! Bovada has some of the most extensive betting lines you’ll find anywhere, not to mention mobile and live betting. Signing up is as easy as creating an account and depositing some money. Bovada’s deposit and payout methods are fast and reliable. It would be silly for any sportsbook fan not to take advantage of Bovada’s great offers.

SportsBetting - Don't Just Watch Sports, Bet Sports

SportsBetting SportsbookWe know that Treasure State residents are always happy to find the old “oro y plato.” Well, guess what? is the mother lode of online betting sites. As soon as you visit the site, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. SportsBetting’s action-filled interface lets you know that you’re about to join a world of fun. All Montana residents 18 years and older are encouraged to sign up.

If you are worried that signing up will be some sort of huge hassle, never fear. Creating an account is as easy as three steps. Step 1: Enter your name and basic information. Step 2: Create a password and a security question. Step 3: Enter your address and state information. Now you are ready to create your account and start betting on your favorite college teams. You’ll even receive a 50% welcome bonus just for joining. All you have to do is make a deposit. However, the bonuses don’t stop there. Try the mobile betting $50 free play, and the $25 free live in-game betting. Join now and be part of the action.

BetOnline - Full Casino, Horse Book And Poker Room

BetOnline SportsbookIt goes without saying that Treasure State residents, living so far above sea level, are used to a high standard of living. That is why Montana residents deserve a sports betting site that is the very peak of perfection: It offers one of the very best sportsbooks in the online betting universe. There’s no limit to how high you can climb when you join BetOnline, and there has never been a better time to sign up than right now.

BetOnline is open to all Montana residents at least 18 years of age. When you join, you’ll be immediately eligible for the 25% welcome bonus, good for up to $1000. Simply use your promo code when you make your first deposit and you’re all set. BetOnline also offers the Live Betting $25 Free Play, the Mobile Betting $50 Free Play, and the best MLB Dime Lines in the industry. BetOnline offers a choice selection of deposit and payout methods for your convenience, as well as friendly customer service in case you ever have a problem, which is highly unlikely, because BetOnline is top-of-the-line!

5Dimes - Most Be 18 Years Old To Bet

5Dimes Sportsbook5Dimes is the gold standard for residents of the Big Sky state. It’s a full licensed and legal sportsbook site that is available to all Montana residents 18 and older. At 5Dimes, there are as many teams to bet on as there are mountains in the Treasure State. Do you want to bet on the Grizzlies or the Bobcats? You can with 5Dimes. Do you want the best in promotions and bonuses? Look no further. Are you looking for a large selection of deposit and payout methods? 5Dimes has you covered.

5dimes has some of the best customer service of any online sportsbook. It has a number specifically for sportsbook users that you can call any time, day or night. 5Dimes also offers the latest in mobile and live in-game betting options. If you are looking for a safe, reliable, no-frills sports betting site with great features and bonuses, you’ve found it.

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Is sports betting legal in Montana?

Montana's laws regarding sports gambling are a mixed bag. While it could be legal to bet in a land based enterprise, it currently is not. Online gambling on a whole has been banned by Chapter 23 of the state statutes, which cover gambling crimes. Gambling by way of the Internet, sports or otherwise, has been made a crime by the Montana legislature. We do not recommend participating, as you could get into more trouble that it is worth.

Montana Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

The laws regarding legal sports betting in Montana are fairly complex. There are some aspects of gambling that can take place in Montana, but unfortunately sports betting is currently not authorized. Players who want to bet on sports will find that there are some criminal charges that can come from this.

Montana is currently one of the states that could, should the legislature desire, authorize various forms of sports betting. This is because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. The PASPA has made it so only a small selection of states can actually authorize sports betting, and Montana is one of them. Unfortunately, Montana is not currently utilizing this ability, and therefore sports betting is currently illegal in the state.

With land based sports betting already illegal, even online gambling is tragically illegal in the state. Those who want to play the odds in Montana will find that it is a crime to bet on sports. Those who want to bet on these events will find that there are inherent risks. We do not recommend betting on sports, as we do not condone breaking the law.

Legal Gambling Age For Montana Residents

If you are 18 years of age, you can start gambling in essentially all forms of gaming. With gambling easily enough for you to access the options, you can very easily start participating. While other states will require you to be 21, you can jump right into the action the moment you become a legal consenting adult.

Land Based Gambling In Montana

44Bar, Best Western KwaTaqNuk Resort, Big B Bingo & Casino, Billings Hotel & Casino, Buffalo Ranch Cafe, Cat's Paw Cardroom, Charging Horse Casino & Bingo, Discovery Lodge Casino, Dupuis SMoke Signal, E-Z Mart Casino, Four C's Cafe and Casino, Git-N-Go, Glacier Peaks Casino & Bingo, Gold Mind Casino, Jackpot Casino, Little Bighorn Casino, Lucky Lanes, Marias Fairgrounds Horse Track, Montana Nugget Casino, Montana State Fair Horsetrack, New Hops Pub & Casino, Park Lodge Casino, Riverboat Cardroom, Rocky Top Casino, Sawbuck Saloon, Shooters Sports Bar, Casino & Grille, Silver Dollar Bar, Silver Wolf Casino, and many more.

While the state is capable of offering players a live, brick and mortar sportsbook, they have not issued any licenses for these kinds of legal online sports betting sites. For now players will not be able to enjoy these games without turning to the Internet which is in fact illegal.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Montana

1) Why is Montana allowed to authorize and regulate sports books if other states are not?

Under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, Montana is one of four states that are authorized to license sportsbooks.

2) Why hasn't Montana taken advantage of their ability to license a sportsbook?

Some states are not that friendly toward gambling on a whole, let alone sports gambling.

3) Has there ever been an arrest over online gambling in the state of Montana?

No resident of Montana has ever faced charges for gambling online in the state, and you are not likely to be the first.

4) Can I have my money confiscated if I decide to gamble on sports?

This is also a possibility - money confiscation, legal fines, and even arrest are all a possibility.

5) Does betting on sports online violate any federal laws?

No. None of the federal laws related to online gambling have anything to do with players - they all cover the would be operator of a gambling site.

6) Is Bovada legal in the state of Montana?

In a sense. Bovada is legally licensed in Kahnawake, but Montana residents do not need to fear of any trouble when deciding to join up with them. In fact, no one but you will know that you are a member, as Bovada does not report to any authority in Montana or any other agency for that matter.

7) Is it a felony or a misdemeanor to gamble on sports in Montana?

It is a misdemeanor to gamble on sports in the state of Montana.

8) Where can I find the codified laws of gambling in Montana?

9) How fast can I get my winnings out of my gambling site?

It should take no more than two weeks time to get your winnings.

10) Is my identity safe when it comes to gambling online?

Yes. We have made it a point to find only the most trusted sports betting sites accepting Montana residents on the market.