Missoula Sportsbooks

Missoula SportsbooksAs the second largest city in Montana, Missoula – located along the mid-eastern border of the state – seems like it should be home to a number of casinos and other gambling facilities. With plenty of the city’s residents being avid sports bettors, then, you’d think that Missoula sportsbooks will be a hot commodity once the state officially expands sports betting in the region.

However, despite its size and population density, Missoula proper has only one potential sportsbook type of venue located within the city limits and only one more in reasonable driving distance from the Missoula city center. These are the Gray Wolf Peak Casino, which is in the city itself, and the KwaTaqNuk Resort Casino, which is 70 miles to the north near the Canadian border.

While sports betting is set to spread to restaurants, bars, and taverns statewide through betting kiosks and the state lottery will have a mobile wagering app as well, their location and current offerings position them into what could become a premier destination for this type of gaming. While many folks already come from out of town to visit the Snowbowl alpine ski resort, they will soon be able to also bet on the Super Bowl and many more events in Missoula, creating a bonus amount of tourism to help stimulate the local economy even further.

How Do I Bet On The NFL In Missoula?

NFL LogoBetting on the NFL is perhaps the most common question topic that we get here, and we wanted to devote a section to it, for the benefit of the people asking. The basic idea is that the NFL is available to be wagered on at many of the online offshore sportsbooks, such as Bovada and MyBookie. These sportsbooks are accessible inside the United States, and, as such, are usable by Missoula’s bettors. Generally, speaking, they also offer better odds than the state-based sportsbooks, as they are not subject to state based taxation due to being located offshore. In other words, even when Missoula gets sports betting, the odds will likely still be better at the offshore books.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Missoula?

Sports betting is currently legal in Missoula and the rest of Montana. However, these current games are little more than glorified, randomized pools, so no true sports bettor has much interest in them.

While it’s only a matter of time before proper Missoula sportsbooks come to MT now that a bill has been signed into law, the state’s lottery will need time to properly regulate and operate the sports betting kiosks and mobile wagering app that they will offer throughout the state.

However, if Missoula residents wish to wager on sports right away, they can absolutely do so, and legally! All you have to do to get the best lines and odds on all your favorite national and international sporting action is to join a legal offshore sportsbook that serves Montana customers. You can place bets on all kinds of sports, from betting on the NFL in Missoula to the Kentucky Derby, and these sportsbooks are well regarded as well!

Books like Bovada, SportsBetting, MyBookie, BetOnline, and a few other top providers have been taking bets from Missoula, MT, residents for decades. All these sites are free to join, have comprehensive betting boards, and offer state-of-the-art data security and guaranteed payouts. So, until online Missoula sportsbooks go live in and around the city, these overseas options are your best bets for placing your wagers, no matter the sport!

Best Sportsbooks In Missoula

Since Montana has legalized sports betting through the state lottery, sports wagering will actually take place by kiosks located throughout the state’s bars, restaurants, and taverns. The lottery will even have its own sports wagering mobile app. But, gaming facilities will offer the closest thing to a real sportsbook. Once sports betting is formally launched in MT, the best Sportsbooks in Missoula will be located at the Gray Wolf Peak Casino and the KwaTaqNuk Resort Casino. The former is actually located in Missoula itself, though – as a Class II casino – its gaming options are somewhat limited. Indeed, the KwaTaqNuk venue is also a Class II casino, but thanks to its resort amenities and location, it’s a more compelling destination for those looking to spend a little more time on their gambling adventures.

Nevertheless, as soon as these casinos can offer proper sports betting in Montana to residents, they will be vying with one another to be the very best sportsbooks in Missoula, at which point a compelling argument stands to be made for either of them. Of course, given that both venues are owned and operated by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation, there is not likely to be any real competition between the facilities, and both Missoula sportsbooks should have identical options, odds, and lines.

Gray Wolf Peak Sportsbook Review

Gray Wolf Peak Sportsbook ReviewThe Gray Wolf Peak Casino isn’t the biggest gaming venue in the state, nor does it offer the most comprehensive selection of traditional gambling amusements. However, it has over 300 of the newest slots and gaming machines in Montana, and it also offers a comfortable lounge, bar, and dining experience for its hundreds of thousands of annual visitors.

As the only casino physically located in any of Montana’s large cities, it has a reputation to live up to as a clean, safe, and entertaining facility. A Gray Wolf Peak sportsbook would certainly fit that bill, and there’s no doubt that as soon as that product launches, the highly-trafficked venue will see even more customers than ever before.

Because the Gray Wolf Peak Casino is in the heart of Missoula, visitors to the region have plenty to do besides taking in the site’s gambling offerings. After all, Missoula is considered to be the cultural center of Montana, and visitors have a multitude of both indoor and outdoor options when traveling inside the city. The Montana Museum of Art and Culture is a popular destination, as is the Missoula Museum of Arts, and there are several theaters and ballets in the area. For outdoors enthusiasts, of course, Missoula has plenty to offer, given that it’s the “hub of five valleys,” situated right at the convergence of five major Montana mountain ranges along the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot Rivers.

KwaTaqNuk Casino Sportsbook Review

  • KwaTaqNuk Casino Sportsbook Review
  • http://www.kwataqnuk.com/
  • Address: 49708 US Hwy 93 East Polson, Montana 59860
  • Phone: 800-882-6363

KwaTaqNuk Casino Sportsbook ReviewAlso known as the Flathead Lake Casino and Resort, the KwaTaqNuk Resort Casino in Polson, MT, is the finest gambling and vacation destination in Montana. Located just 70 miles north of Missoula (and 50 miles south of Kalispell), the KwaTaqNuk Casino is compelling not only for gamblers seeking to game on its 220 slots and table games, but it’s also perfect for those looking to get away from it all in the pristine wilderness along the Flathead Lake, which is not only the largest lake west of the Mississippi River but is also considered by conservationists to be among the cleanest lakes in the entire world.

In addition to its on-site lodgings at the KwaTaqNuk hotel, the property also hosts multiple camping sites and lake tours, and visitors can even stay at the Polson Bay Retreat, which is a waterfront vacation house centrally located between the Blacktail Mountain Ski area, the Whitefish Mountain Resort, and the Montana Snowbowl Ski range. Summer activities include plenty of golf, freshwater fishing, horseback riding, watersports, and more.

Indeed, once the KwaTaqNuk Casino sportsbook is launched, the operators would do well to ensure that customers can wager via their smartphones and tablets so they can enjoy all the out-of-doors festivities without missing out on the day’s sporting events and live, in-game betting that will surely be offered.