Bozeman Sportsbooks

Bozeman Sportsbooks

As the fourth largest city in the state of Montana, and an area full of sports bettors, Bozeman sportsbooks have taken off since they’ve been introduced. While many in the city cheer for the Montana State University Bobcats football team and other athletic programs, they are now able to place a wager on just about every professional and collegiate team all across the country. To add to this, they are able to do it at just about every one of their favorite restaurants, bars, taverns, and gaming venues. That’s because with the sports betting structure that Montana legalized, sports betting kiosks have been placed in those venues along with mobile sports wagering apps available state-wide.

Bozeman sportsbooks are technically scattered throughout the city, but because the lottery both regulates and operates sports wagering, the betting lines available may be limited and you may not see odds that you like. In that case, sportsbooks in Bozeman can be found online through offshore betting sites, as those sites will gladly accept members from Montana. Still, like much in Big Sky Country, the future sports gambling scene in Bozeman is worth exploring and we’ll break down everything you can expect to see within the next year.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Bozeman?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Bozeman and in a sense, it has been for quite some time. Montana was one of the few states that was grandfathered into the federal sports betting ban known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Wagering Act (or PASPA). The state was able to offer sports-themed lottery and pull-tab games, but sports betting in the traditional sense still wasn’t allowed. It wasn’t until MT HB 725 was signed into law that sports wagering such as betting on the spread, moneyline, and over/under was legalized.

The state lottery is now in charge of both overseeing and operating the new industry. The agency allows places such as restaurants, bars, and taverns with a liquor license to be able to host sports betting kiosks within their establishments. The lottery has also introduced a mobile sports betting app as well. However, the bill did not mention any language for the use of online offshore sportsbooks. That means sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie that have served MT residents for years will still be able to do so and will still be legal to use. This will be very useful for when you want to shop lines.

Best Sportsbooks In Bozeman, MT

Bozeman has so many different spots that you are able to place your sports wagers in Montana. As popular as sports betting is across the country, legalizing sports betting in Montana launched in March 2020 and places like Clucky Lil’s Casino, Speak, The Molly Brown Bar, Jackpot Casino East and other casinos and hotels are places that have sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks are still one of the best options that residents in Bozeman have at the moment. Great banking options and promotions are a few of what these online sportsbooks will offer.


Lucky Lil’s Casino Sportsbook Review

Lucky Lil’s Casino Sportsbook

The Lucky Lil’s Casino may not be the largest casino in the state, but because it operates under the Montana’s Best Casinos umbrella, it is almost inevitable from checking out. Lucky Lil’s Casino also operates alongside the state’s Magic Diamond Casino and Montana Lil’s Casino which means that the sports betting opportunities you find in one location will more than likely be found in another. This also means that their player rewards card is all the more lucrative to get. The money you spend and the rewards you accrue from one location can be redeemed at another participating location. This can be currently used for any of their keno games, video poker machines, or slots.

Once Lucky Lil’s Casino begins to start offering sports betting alongside all the rest of its games, many expect them to also add sports bets as part of its rewards system. This particular Lucky Lil’s Casino location is also stationed right across the street from a Buffalo Wild Wings so even if you didn’t want to stay there to watch the sports matches you bet on, you can easily find plenty of TVs to watch just about any game you can think of.

Jackpot Casino East Sportsbook Review

  • Jackpot Casino East Sportsbook
  • Address: 915 E Main Street, Bozeman, MT 59715
  • Phone: (406)-587-9289
Jackpot Casino East Sportsbook Review

The Jackpot Casino East will serve as an ideal place for residents living near Lindley Park to go now that they host sports betting kiosks from the state lottery. Jackpot Casino East is the only true gaming facility located on the Eastern side of town so the likelihood of them introducing sports betting is also very high. To add to your experience the casino also comes with delicious and very affordable food. No need to waste your money on fancy meals, when you can instead use that money to play any of their current games.

Because Jackpot Casino East is also located away from the downtown area, you can also expect to get a more cozy and comfortable experience. No need to rush anything, you can simply focus on winning and gambling responsibly. And while the casino doesn’t serve liquor, there are plenty of beer and wine options averaging in a price of between two and four dollars each. The staff is also extremely friendly and helpful anytime you have a question about playing a certain game or simply trying to cash out. One can only expect them to have the same type of customer service when folks are placing their sports bets for the very first time.