Billings Sportsbooks

Billings Sportsbooks

There are plenty of Billings sportsbooks currently operating in Montana, which makes sense given that the city is the most populous in the state. Montana sports betting is now legal, so it made sense that the various casinos located in and around Billings got in on the action and can scratch your sports wagering itch.

A year after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was finally overturned, the state effectively added to their current “sports pools” and “sports tabs” lottery products with actual, bona fide sports betting.

The bill that passed allows for the lottery to be the one exclusive sports betting vendor for the state, and since that’s the case, sportsbooks are widely available. This came in the form of betting kiosks which serves as Billings Sportsbooks and there are a couple of destinations in this town that mimic a traditional sportsbook quite well.

Betting On The NFL In Billings

NFL LogoMontana residents know how popular NFL football is, and the same is true when it comes to betting on the NFL in Billings. Billings is one of the biggest cities in the state, and with state-sponsored gambling now legal, the city is filled with sportsbooks ready to take your bets. Regardless if you root for the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, or any other NFL team, there are plenty of betting options for you out there. Montana already has tons of sports bettors due to the state being exempt fr om federal restrictions over the years. Now, with the full-fledged legalization of sports betting in the state there are over a hundred sportsbooks already open or in the process of opening. Billings will certainly be the next big sports betting hub in Montana and will attract NFL bettors from all over. Those in Billings currently who are looking to bet on the NFL can do so right now through the international online sportsbooks. While these sportsbooks don’t have physical locations, they are fully legal and have served thousands of Montana residents over the years. These online sportsbooks like BetOnline or MyBookie are perfectly capable of handling all of your NFL betting needs.

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Is Live Sports Betting Currently Legal In Billings?

Those familiar with live in-game betting know how groundbreaking the feature is to the betting world. With live betting, you can place wagers on any major game while it is happening. Live betting has become a key part of the betting experience thanks to the expansion of betting technology. Today, bettors can place real-time live wagers on games while they are happening, right from home, or even from your phone. The international online sportsbooks offer full live betting suites that have odds for every major and even minor sporting event. While certain Montana sportsbooks offer live betting, those in Billings can do so the easiest through sites like MyBookie or Bovada.

Betting the Kentucky Derby in Billings

Kentucky Derby LogoThe Kentucky Derby is one of the best betting events of the year and that is no different for those in Billings. Every year, millions tune into the big race to see which horse will be the next Triple Crown contender. Horse race betting is also one of the most popular bets in America and has been around for centuries. Almost everyone has at least some memory of watching the Kentucky Derby. Those in Billings have tons of betting options when it comes to the big race. Since Montana now has state-sponsored gambling, any of the state's physical sportsbooks will be glad to take your Kentucky Derby bet. While there aren’t any sportsbooks in Billings yet, it is only a matter of time before the pastime comes to the city. Those looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby from the comfort of home can always do so via the international online sportsbooks. These websites are stocked with Derby bets and will safely and efficiently handle all of your sports betting needs.

Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Billings?

Sports betting – of a sort – has always been legal in Billings and the rest of Montana. However, the original product as written into MT law was limited to glorified, sports-themed lottery attractions, where winning tickets are effectively randomized and wh ere no skill on the part of the bettor was required. This is not ideal, of course, and proper Billings sportsbooks were welcomed by just about everyone in the state – not least of all Montana’s hundred-thousand-plus sports betting enthusiasts.

That said, there were multiple proposals seeking to expand the kind of sports-themed wagering that exists in Montana. But, it was MT HB 725 that finally broke the mold and made traditional sports betting legal. There are now new sports betting venues being introduced everyday in Montana and many of them are located in Billings.

However, if you live in or around Billings, MT, and wish to wager on sports today in your home, you can. Simply sign up at a legal offshore sportsbook like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, or MyBookie. These sites have all been serving Billings residents for decades, and they each feature comprehensive odds boards with thousands of daily wager opportunities on both national and international sports, teams, and players. Even better, joining is both completely free and completely legal, and payouts are 100% guaranteed!

Best Sportsbooks In Billings, MT

Because there is no proper online sports betting presence in Montana quite yet, the best sportsbooks in Billings, MT, are all currently located overseas, accessible via the Internet. As stated above, the aforementioned sites are the best in the business, and Billings residents aged 18 and older are welcome to join.

Of course, now that Montana has unveiled their version of full-service sports betting kiosks and mobile wagering app, you do have another way to bet on sports. Albeit it will always be a good idea to have memberships at these websites in order to shop lines for the best odds values on any given matchup. Many consider the best sports betting facilities for Billings bettors to be the pair of tribal casinos that are located within easy driving distance fr om the big city: the Apsaalooke Nights Casino and the Charging Horse Casino and Bingo.

Both of these are less than 90 minutes outside of Billings, and they each have their merits as bona fide Class III tribal casinos with real slot machines and all the table games and poker you expect from legitimate gambling houses. To go along with all of their current gaming activities you are also able to play at a sports betting lottery kiosk.

Minimum Legal Age To Wager At Billings Sportsbooks

This means that soon as you are a legal adult you can start wagering on sports. This is the same age requirement for online gambling sites as well. So in Montana, you have the best of both being able to place your bets at a local sportsbook or you can sign up for online sportsbooks and also receive all the promotions that are offered on these sites. The minimum age for sports betting in Montana in Billings is 18. This is much younger than most states as others require their residents to be 21 and older.

Apsaalooka Nights Casino Sportsbook Review

Apsaalooka Nights Casino Sportsbook Review

While it won’t win any awards for the luxuriousness of its venue, the Apsaalooka Nights Casino – owned and operated by the Crow Nation of the Crow Indian Reservation – is one of the only Class III casinos near Billings, and it is the closest gaming site to the big city at just 60 miles due east. As such, now that sports betting has gone live in MT, the Apsaalooke Nights Casino Sportsbook is sure to increase foot traffic to the small facility tremendously.

Currently, the limited gaming floor of the Apsaalooke casino is filled with slot machines and various table games (including a poker room), but – in order to make space for the future sports betting lottery kiosks – there will likely need to be a bit of renovating on the property itself.

Nevertheless, due to its popularity, now that sports betting is offered on-site in Montana casinos, you can expect Apsaalooke Nights to take full advantage of that can’t-miss opportunity to grow their coffers. Similarly, Billings residents can take full advantage of that can’t-miss opportunity to grow their own, as well.

Charging Horse Sportsbook Review

Charging Horse Sportsbook Review

Charging Horse Casino and Bingo is located 100 miles east of Billings, and it is the only other Class III facility within convenient travel distance to Montana’s largest metropolitan center. Now that sports betting has been launched at on-site gambling venues, the Charging Horse sportsbook is open to rave reviews.

Like most Montana casinos, the Charging Horse Casino and Bingo facility is a small one, with limited gaming space dedicated to slot machines, table games, and bingo. Naturally, now that the Charging Horse has introduced sports wagering kiosks, more MT residents should be making the trip to Lame Deer, MT, to put money on their favorite teams, sports, and players.

Still, for all your other gaming needs, the Charging Horse Casino is one of the best in the entire area, and the story of the site’s owners – the Northern Cheyenne Tribe – is a tale of outrage and adventure unique in the history of North America. So while you might not change history like old Cheyenne leader Wild Hog, you can still go hog wild at the Charging Horse Casino and Bingo.