Great Falls Sportsbooks

Great Falls Sportsbooks

One of the most exciting developments of the last generation in Montana is the opening of Great Falls sportsbooks now that state legislators have officially legalized the practice. As one of the largest population centers in Montana with roughly 60,000 residents, Great Falls, MT, is among the most picturesque destinations in the state. In fact, the Great Falls name comes from the five waterfalls along the upper Missouri River basin, famously crossed in antiquity by the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which undertook arguably the largest gamble in Montana History when they portaged across the MT wilderness to get to the Missouri River. Of course, that spirit of adventure – at least in regards to gambling – is still continuing on with the state venturing into the new world of sports betting.

While there are no proper casinos in Great Falls itself, there are two tribal casinos of note within easy driving distance, and both host lottery operated Great Falls sports betting kiosks. While these same types of kiosks are available in restaurants, bars, and taverns all across the state, getting something close to a sportsbook experience will only be found at these casinos.

Residents in Great Falls will also have the option to use the mobile sports wagering app that the state lottery has unveiled. However, the betting lines for both the kiosks and the app will more than likely be the same. If sports bettors in Great Falls want to shop lines then the best avenue to do so will be through online offshore sportsbooks.

Betting On The NFL In Great Falls

NFL LogoBettors saving their bankroll for the NFL games is common and here in Great Falls, there are many ways that you can place big-time bets on these games. With the NFL being a long season that means that there is plenty of money to be made with prop bets, live betting, and other options. There are also mobile betting options here in Great Falls so want to bet on your favorite NFL team while you are on the move is no problem at all. Of course, after the regular season is the postseason which is when things get very interesting. Although the pre-season games are not as hyped as other games, the money that can be won there is still the same

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Great Falls, MT?

Sports betting is currently legal in Great Falls, MT, and – in the guise under which this activity was presented – has actually been offered for decades. However, the “sports betting pools” and “sports tabs” lottery games as defined in MT law are not the only ways to bet on sports anymore.

For true sports betting – where you can place bets on spreads, straights, totals, props, and more – you can head to Great Falls sportsbooks. House Bill MT HB 725 was signed into law and effectively made sports betting kiosks and a mobile sports wagering app legal for the state lottery to operate and regulate. It took the state about a year to launch those kiosks but there are now local betting establishments in and around Great Falls.

Of course, even with that decision, MT residents can still freely wager at legal offshore sportsbooks like Bovada, SportsBetting, MyBookie, BetOnline, and other top providers who have been serving the Treasure State for more than 20 years now. Any Montana resident who is 18 years of age or older is free to sign up for one of these overseas sportsbooks and gamble on the Internet. This activity is not forbidden by any state or federal laws, membership is 100% confidential, safe, and secure, and the activity is completely legal.

Best Sportsbooks In Great Falls

Now that they are up and running, the only places that are able to offer something close in resemblance to a sportsbook in Great Falls, MT, are actually slightly outside of the city. Those two nearby tribal casinos that offer the activity are the Northern Winz Hotel & Casino and the Glacier Peaks Casino. Between them, these should be by far the best sports betting venues in Great Falls and the surrounding area.

That said, because of how Montana classifies “casinos,” it’s perfectly possible that you’ll be able to make proper sports wagers at any one of hundreds of diners, bars, convenience stores, truck stops, and other such storefronts.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use A Great Falls Sportsbook?

Great Falls sportsbooks are part of the few sportsbooks for sports betting in Montana you can go into and place a wager and not be old enough to buy alcohol. The age requirement to use a sportsbook here is 18 and older. Just like online sportsbooks you can go in and be a legal adult place your sports wager without any problem at all. The good thing is you can be on your online sportsbooks while in your local sportsbook comparing odds and deciding which one gives you the best chance to cash in! This is one of the great benefits of living in Montana!

Northern Winz Sportsbook Review

Northern Winz Sportsbook Review

The Northern Winz Hotel and Casino is located 90 miles northeast of Great Falls, MT, or little more than an hour’s drive away. In addition to having a delightful double entendre in its name, the Northern Winz is one of the most traditional, comprehensive gambling houses in the entire state of Montana. As such, the addition of a Great Falls sportsbook only adds to the great experience that patrons have come to know and expect.

Owned and operated by the Chippewa Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, the Northern Winz is one of only a handful of Class III casinos in Montana. As such, you’ll get access to 150 proper slot machines (not just simple video facsimiles), a number of traditional table games, and even the popular Chubby’s Den poker room, which hosts numerous tournaments every week. Naturally, Northern Winz sports betting kiosks would bring in a number of new customers in higher volumes than the 10,000-square-foot facility is used to, but that’s a good thing, and it would be a huge benefit to the tribe’s ongoing economic and conservation efforts.

Glacier Peaks Sportsbook Review

Glacier Peaks Sportsbook Review

Located in Browning, MT, 125 miles northwest of Great Falls, the Glacier Peaks Hotel and Casino – owned and operated by the Blackfeet Tribe of the Blackfeet Reservation – might be a little too far away for an evening out, but it makes for a great weekend getaway for big city residents looking to unwind with a bit of Class II casino gaming. While Class II gaming is more limited than Class III gaming, the casino’s many floor attractions are still a blast and the venue is ripe for proper Glacier Peaks sports betting kiosks as soon as the MT state government authorizes the facility to offer them.

Aside from the obvious gambling activities at the Glacier Peaks Hotel and Casino, there’s plenty to do in and around Browning. The Glacier Peaks hotel is newly constructed and offers a host of amenities, including an indoor heated swimming pool (which is a must in Montana), whirlpools, a fitness center, and more.

Even better, the Glacier Peaks Hotel and Casino is only 12 miles from Glacier National Park, which covers the US-Canada border and is home to a variety of stunning plant and animal life, including mountain goats, moose (meece?), grizzly bears, wolverines, and hundreds of other species. So now that sports betting is offered at Glacier Peaks, you should definitely take time out of your other fun activities to visit this uniquely beautiful World Heritage site.