Montana Lottery Takes On Sports Betting Process, Offering Licenses

  • The Montana Lottery is taking applications from business owners who want to take on sports betting.
  • Business owners must fill out an application in order to get licensed for sports betting.
  • College and professional sports betting was approved in Montana Nov. 21.

HELENA, Mont. – Beginning last week, the Montana Lottery has begun accepting applications from different businesses that want to provide sports betting.

Once businesses become licensed, the Montana Lottery will start training and placing betting equipment as needed. When placing bets, wagers can only be submitted through Montana’s sports betting terminals inside designated locations, or through your mobile device using an app.

College and professional sports betting rules were approved by the Lottery of Montana on November 21.

The Montana Lottery Director, Angela Wong, said in a news release,” We’ve been working a long time for this and we are excited to see that hard work pay off and excited to start the process of launching sports betting.”

In early May, the Montana Legislature gave permission for the Montana Lottery to offer sports betting. Since that authorization took place, the lottery has worked tirelessly trying to design and create new products.

If a business is looking to add sports wagering to its business, it must complete the application in order to receive a license at the State of Montana’s eStop licensing portal.

The Montana Lottery requirements state they will respect every user’s privacy. They also state that any personal information that may be found will not be disclosed to anyone without the user’s permission. The sole purpose of the statement is to inform users of any use of information that is collected while in the State of Montana.

Sports betting in Montana was approved on May 3, 2019, when Governor Steve Bullock signed the bills into law. This authorized Vegas-style sports betting as well as authorized sports pool. Wit this, Montana is fully equipped with legal sports betting and all its rights and privileges.

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