Kalispell Sportsbooks

Kalispell Sportsbooks

Kalispell, situated in the northwest corner of Montana, is the largest city in the region, with nearly 100,000 people in and around the area. With two of the state’s best casinos within convenient driving distance from Kalispell, it seems like a sure thing that these Kalispell sportsbooks are among the locals favorites. This pair of venues – the Glacier Peaks Casino and the KwaTaqNuk Casino – are arguably the best Montana sportsbooks anywhere in the state.

Of course, with the new Montana sports betting laws, many other venues will also be able to offer sports betting. The lottery has also authorized bars, restaurants, and taverns with the same sports betting kiosks and a mobile sports wagering app. Still, those locations won’t have the same sportsbook feel. Either way, the pastime is alive in Montana, particularly given the fact that sports betting is so popular among state residents, turning an estimated yearly handle of over $2 billion dollars.

While most Montana sports betting is done via overseas sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, MyBookie, and other top sites, legalized sports wagering in Kalispell and the rest of the Treasure State is going to go a long way towards bringing much of the money spent on the activity back into the domestic MT economy.

Betting On The NFL In Kalispell

NFL LogoBetting on the NFL in Montana is one of the most popular forms of sports wagering in the state, and that is especially true for those placing their bets in Kalispell. The sportsbooks around the region look forward to the first NFL Sunday all year long as bettors from far and wide head into Kalispell to place their wagers. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, or any other NFL team, the sportsbooks available in Kalispell will have you covered. Since Montana was not under the jurisdiction of PAPSA, there is already a strong sports betting influence around the state. Now, with the state officially enacting sports betting law in 2019, there is limitless opportunity to bet on the NFL in and around Kalispell, as well as throughout the state. If you are looking for an alternative option to the big casinos, then the international online casinos like Bovada and MyBookie are still available and ready to serve Montana customers.

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Live In-Game Betting In Kalispell

Any dedicated bettor knows their way around live betting. After all, there is no better way to bet on games while they are happening than to get in on the live betting odds being offered by the online sportsbooks, and certain state-sponsored venues. For those unfamiliar, live betting is a type of betting that only occurs while the game is in progress. Just like before the game, spread, moneyline, and over/under odds are offered on the game. The only difference is that these odds apply to the game as it is happening, meaning they are constantly changing and shifting as the action unfolds. If one team goes up big early, live bettors will have the opportunity to get great odds on an underdog comeback. There are infinite ways to use live betting to your advantage, including hedging your bets and even doubling down. With live betting, you are also never out of the action. Long gone are the days of being locked out of a bet at the last second because the game started. Live betting is offered via the platforms of certain casinos in Kalispell, as well as on the international online sportsbooks.

Betting the Kentucky Derby in Kalispell

Kentucky Derby LogoThe Kentucky Derby is one of the most storied and celebrated traditional events in American sports. The Derby attracts millions of viewers every year from around the world and even more millions in betting revenue to sportsbooks. When looking for a place to bet on the Derby, or any other horse race, be sure to check out the sports and racebook options in Kalispell. The sportsbooks in Kalispell have full menus of bets on all of the Triple Crown races as well as any smaller races for the horse racing aficionado. These include bets for the overall winner, win, place, show, trifecta, exacta, superfecta, and any other combination imaginable. If you are looking for a different way to place your horse racing bets, the international online casinos also include full racebooks that will handle all of your Kentucky Derby betting needs.

Can I Bet On College Sports in Kalispell?

Bettors will be pleased to learn that they can indeed bet on college athletics while in Kalispell, or any other of Montana’s sportsbooks. Some states have strict rules regarding betting on college sports, especially bets that involve in-state teams. Luckily for Montana residents, there is no such prohibition in place, meaning you are free to bet on the Montana Grizzlies or any other college team while in Kalispell or via the international online sportsbooks.

Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Kalispell?

Sports betting, at least of a very limited sort, was always legal in Kalispell. However, those were not true sportsbooks, as the state only allowed casino operators a very narrow berth when it came to offering sports-related products. Limited to lottery-like pools and tab games, folks looking for real, bona fide sportsbook experiences in the state won’t find them within Montana borders at the moment. However, given the latest happenings in the state legislature, sports betting through lottery run kiosks and a mobile app are available.

Montana House Bill MT HB 725 was the piece of legislation that officially legalized the practice, but the state lottery is limited to the odds it provides. For alternate forms of legal sports betting in Kalispell, residents are currently limited to online sportsbooks like those mentioned above (Bovada, BetOnline, etc.). Of course, this isn’t a bad thing, as these books all offer robust, easy-to-use, comprehensive sports betting services to their Montana clientele.

Signing up at any of these Internet-based Kalispell sportsbooks is always fast and free, and in addition to finding action on just about every national and international sporting event, members can get valuable bonuses, wager with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and rest assured that their transactions are secure and that their payouts are 100% guaranteed.

Best Sportsbooks In Kalispell

Kalispell has a few casinos that have sportsbooks now that sports betting is more widespread in Montana. You have a few great places like Glacier Peaks Casino and the KwaTaqNuk Resort Casino. The sites for sports betting in Montana are going to be your best friend right now for all bettors in Kalispell and you have many betting features like live betting and mobile betting as well. With great banking promotions, getting your funds on your account will be no problem at all. These online sportsbooks only require its bettors to be 18 and older so all legal adults can have accounts and access all the sporting events they have interest in.

Glacier Peaks Casino Sportsbook Review

Glacier Peaks Casino Sportsbook Review

Owned and operated by the Blackfeet Tribe, the Glacier Peaks Casino sportsbook is primed to be one of the best in the area when it opens, befitting of the gambling house’s established reputation for comfort, convenience, and general panache. Though Glacier Peaks is only a Class II casino, you wouldn’t know it by the host of slot machines and table games that are offered on-site, and a robust sports betting area only adds to the overwhelming charm of the experience.

Located just 100 miles northeast of Kalispell (and 125 northwest of Great Falls, MT), the lodging accommodations at the Glacier Peaks Hotel and Casino are top of the line, as guests can choose between staying at the namesake Glacier Peaks Hotel or at the amazing Sleeping Wolf RV Campground. The latter of these offers huge vistas of over 50 different Montana mountain peaks, and a separate campground is available for backpackers and tent enthusiasts along a secluded creekside expanse.

For just the fresh mountain air and the views alone, the Glacier Peaks Hotel and Casino is truly a can’t-miss gambling and vacation destination for Kalispell residents. Add in an inviting gaming atmosphere and a world-class Kalispell sportsbook, and you’ll definitely want to put Glacier Peaks in Browning, Montana, on your map.

KwaTaqNuk Casino Sportsbook Review

  • KwaTaqNuk Casino Sportsbook Review
  • http://www.kwataqnuk.com/
  • Address: 49708 US Hwy 93 East Polson, Montana 59860
  • Phone: 800-882-6363

KwaTaqNuk Casino Sportsbook Review


The KwaTaqNuk Resort Casino, located in Polson, MT, is just 50 miles south of Kalispell (and 70 miles north of Missoula). As such, it is the number-one gaming destination for Kalispell residents. Of course, this isn’t just due to its proximity to the city. Instead, it’s largely because the KwaTaqNuk Casino – owned and operated by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation – is nestled in the heart of some of the most beautiful wilderness in all of Montana. Add in a KwaTaqNuk Casino sportsbook, and there is literally no reason to gamble anywhere else.

Aside from the KwaTaqNuk Casino itself, the venue is attractive to gamblers and non-gamblers alike, offering impressive views and recreational access to the famed Flathead Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Despite its massive size, Flathead Lake is renowned for being one of the cleanest, least-polluted bodies of water in any populated region on Earth, and guests at the KwaTaqNuk Resort flock to the venue year-round to take in the majesty of creation. Now that Montana allows its casinos to offer full-fledged Kalispell sportsbooks, it's really the icing on the cake that is this gaming experience.